Autodesk Alias Modelling | BMW 1 Series

This is a personal project to demonstrate how I go about modelling a production car. I have chosen a BMW 1 series because it has some slightly complex areas and because I like.

There was talks of an M1 but the idea has been scrapped so I intend to design and model one after modelling this one.

1. Starting Off

I begin by spending some time finding as many reference images of the vehicle. Then I find some blueprints and create a new project folder with all my files neatly stored.

Then I start a new alias file and add my blueprints to the correct scale. Then I begin by blocking in some basic volumes. This will help me to visualise the car in 3D and most of the surfaces will probably be rebuilt later.

2. Reviewing

I grabbed some BMW M3 wheels which I have previously modelled and stuck them on. This helps me to visualise the car better. I am constantly reviewing the model and while I do this I hide all the curves in order to get a better view.


Time spent so far : 6 hours


I quickly start seeing the shape of things to come. I add some shutlines so can analyse what is going on with my side sections.




Little details such as some basic cylinders for headlamps and number plates help me to visualise the vehicle.


Time spent so far : 9 hours


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