Lamborghini Gallardo Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to render a photo realistic Lamborghini Gallardo from a side view using Adobe Photoshop.

1. Starting Off

Using the path tool Pen Tool and the direct selection tool direct selection tool create paths.

2. Block

Block in a mid range grey colour.

3. Wheels

Add some wheels. (you can download some here)

4. Background

Fill in the background so make it easier to see what youre working with.

5. Blacked out areas

Block in any areas which will be too dark to have any colour.

5. Shadow

Add a shadow to the floor.

6. Greenhouse

Block in the greenhouse area.

7. Features

Block in the red light and the graphic on the side.

8. Ground Shadow

The nature of the panels mean that the lower areas will be darker than the top because they are facing down so add a gradient to demonstrate this.

9. Lighter Areas

The higher areas will be slightly lighter to reflect the atmosphere.

10. Toggle Paths

Turn the paths off to view the render so far.

11. Light Detail

Add some darker areas to the lights.

12. Shutlines

Stroke the paths with a thin black line and fade out the ends of the lines.

13. Shutline Highlights

Duplicate the shutlines and invert the colour then put them on the layer below and nudge them slightly to the left as shown.

14. Tyre Highlights

The tyres were looking a bit dull so add some highlights to the top.

15. Hightlights

Add more highlights to the wheelarches and any surfaces facing upwards.

16. Whitebox Reflections

To give the render a highly reflective appearance add some white areas as shown.

17. Floor Relections

Duplicate the rendering and flip it vertically to give the appearance of a reflective floor.

18. Depth

Make the lowest part of the rendering lighter to give a feeling of depth.

19. Alternative Colours

Select the base layer from Step 2. and add Layer Style > Colour Overlay then experiment with colours...

20. The End...

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