Audi Scape

The Audi Scape is a futuristic personal urban commuter that is used by a community of drivers of a car-sharing network.

The single seater has an essential design – both inside and outside – with a one-box layout and compact dimensions.

The car is connected to other vehicles to exchange traffic and other data.

The Audi Scape concept is about joining a club rather than merely owning a car. Each member drives their Audi Scape to their location eg. work and defines a time when they need the vehicle back.

Meanwhile someone else logs onto the members network and discovers where an Audi Scape is available and books it


The aggressively rising waistline creates a wedge-like appearance which provides a tough and agile stance.

The shallow greenhouse further enhances this sensation and creates a safe internal atmosphere.

The exaggerated haunch brings interest to the side of the vehicle and gives a muscular feel to the overall stance.

The graphical break-up between the bottom elevating towards the front gives the visual accent of an arrow and commands a feeling of forward motion.

The boomerang-shaped rear lights wrap around the back and sides of the vehicle to further accentuates the forward pointing theme.

Project Scape 01
Project Scape 02
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