Tutorial | Modelling a car in 3D Studio Max

Turn on snap (S), .

Then right click the snap button to bring up the Grid and Snap Settings dialog box and check Grid Points.

In the Front viewport, use the Line Shape Tool, and the Circle Shape Tool, , to draw these lines and circle. Make sure to snap to the centre each time.

Use the Plane Tool, , and draw a plane making sure to snap to the vertical black line. (or in this case the green line)

Draw another cirlce, , to the base of the plane. This will be the thickness of the flat section of the wheelarch.

Right click on the plane and point to Convert to > then click on Convert to Editable Poly.

You will notice that the Command Panel offers some alternative options.

Under the Modfiy Tab click on Edge

Click on the select and move button, , and move the edge as shown.

Click on the Vertex Tool in the Command Panel and move the vertex to the point where the line intersects the circle as shown.

Click on the edge tool, , in the Command Panel.

Hold down the Shift key and drag the edge over as shown. This will create a new Section. (I will refer to this action as Drag/Copy)

Repeat as before.

When you get to the horizontal line right click on the select and move button , to get the Move Transform Type-In dialog box.

Select the point on the right as shown and make a note of the Z coordinate.

Select the point to the left and make sure the Z coordinate is the same as before.

Pull this edge straight down.

Continue working till you have this shape.

Select these Edges

... and drag them horizontally to the left till the bottom left point reaches the circle.

Do the same with the two top edges.

To join point 1 with point 2.Click on point 1 the target weld button , in the Command Panel.

Click on point 2.



Continue till you have this shape then delete all the lines and cirlces.  


Select the bottom Verteces and move them inwards a bit in the Left viewport. 


Select the next row up and move them all inwards a little further.  


To make things a little easier we will display or objects edges. Right on any viewport title and click Configure. 


Under the Rendering Method Tab check the Display Selected with Wdges Faces box.  


Select the outer verteces and move them inwards a little. 


Select the edges shown and click on the square next to the Chamfer button in the Command Panel.

Type 0.1 in the Chamger Edges dialog box and click OK. 


Zoom in , on this area.  


Select ths bottom vertex.  


... and move it down a bit so its away from the others and can be selected easily when the viewport is zoomed out.  


Using target weld from the Command Panel, weld it to the bottom corner vertex. 


Do the same on the other side.  


Click on the Modifier arrow to expand the list and click on Meshsmooth.  


Under the Subdivision Panel in the Command Panel type 2 for Interations. 




To continue you must turn off or delete the meshsmooth modifier. To turn it off you can click on the light bulb next to it in the Command Panel or right click it and select delete. I suggest you delete it for now as it tends to get in the way.  


Drag/Copy these Edges.  


With the Left viewport selected click on View Align in the Command Panel. 


Continue to Drag/Copy as shown..  


Click on the Polygon button, , in the Command Panel and select the wheelarch polygons. 


Drag/Copy the Polygons to the right and click OK when the Clone Part of Mesh dialog box appears. 


With vertex, selected target weld these verteces.  




Move these verteces in a little.  


Select the vertces shown and move them in a little further.  


Continue to Drag/Copy sections as described above. 


Click on the Modifier List and select Mirror.

Click on Mirror to reveal Mirror Center.

Click on Mirror Center (It should be highlighted in yellow) then right click , to show the Move Transform and make sure all Absolute World coordinates are set to 0.  


Apply a Meshsmooth modifier to the model.


You can download the complete model here.


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