Photoshop Tutorial | Honda Style

This tutorial tries to replicate the style similar to that of some concept sketches released by Honda. The feeling is sporty, light and uncluttered.

Step 01

This particular sketch is based on an underlay created from an Alias model. The canvas size is A4 at 300 DPI.

Firstly create paths and stroke them on a layer which will be used throughout and eventually turned off.


Step 02

On a new layer fill in the shadow areas.

Step 03

Its good to add some wheels at an early stage to ground the vehicle. Find these and many other designs on the resources page.

Step 04

Fill in the interior of the car. As you go on you will notice that things might be missing. In this case I've added some shadow which the wing mirror would cast.

Step 05

Start adding some shadow to parts which are facing towards the ground. Make sure to use light colours to give it that airy uncluttered feel.

Step 06

Continue to add very light shadow to define the panels.

Step 07

Add a light gradient to the DLO to give it the appearance of glass.

Step 08

Find a badge and warp it into position.

Turn off the lines layer created in Step 01 and stroke the paths for the shutlines and erase parts of them to give them a sketchy feel.

Step 09

Add some light detail. Starting by filling in the area with a dark grey colour and adding some lens detail. Keep it simple.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask...

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